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What is Fucoidan ?

About Fucoidan

Fucoidan, a kind of polysaccharide is a ‘smooth & sliding natural component’ covering the surface of seaweed such as Mozuku,
Wakame and Kombu(Kelp).It was discovered and named by a Swedish scholar, Dr. Kylin in1913.
This ‘smooth & sliding natural component’ protects stem and leaf of seaweeds by external stimuli such as tide and sand, and prevents from dryness on the ebb. It is an indispensable component of seaweed and is contained in Mozuku in particular.

Natural Component to normalize curative power of nature

Fucoidan is a component which protects from dirt, bacteria and virus.
Essential functions for modern human health are academically revealed in the process of various
They are :
・ To recover defense function of human beings and normalize immunity
・ Inhibitory effect of blood clotting, blood rise & neutral fat
・ Antitumor / Anti-allergy / Increase of liver function
In recent years, Fucoidan has received attention in the alternative medicine academy, and moreover being
utilized for beauty & toiletry products.

History of Fucoidan

・Discovered by Dr. Kylin, a Swedish scholar
・Fucoidan of brown algae is composed of fucose, xylose,
galactose and uronicacids and etc..
・In 1996, Fucoidan has been in the spotlight to be announced
that it preserves apoptotic action※at cancer society of Japan.
※Cancer cell gene are acted by Fucoidan ; disjunction &
proliferation are stopped, and killed naturally.

Conditions to achieve functions

Natural Tongan Mozuku

The oceanic waters around the kingdom of Tonga are pollution-free and abundant in high-quality minerals.
Fucoidan extracted from Tongan natural Mozuku is high in content, quality and safety.
Fucoidan has a polysaccharide structure. It needs to have a certain level of combined molecular (sulfate
group) in order to be functionalized.

Regular formation of more than 13% sulfate group

According to our research, the function cannot be achieved unless combined molecular structure with more
than 13% sulfate group is stably formed by Fucoidan.

Mucosa is protected and repaired, and the intestinal immunity of small intestine is stimulated. Immunity is
activated in this manner.

Fucoidan content of seaweeds

Gooey(gel-like) component of seaweeds

It is often said that gooey food works for one’s body.
Seaweeds exist in a harsh environment by wearing gooey(gel-like) components. Fucoidan is contained in
gooey(gel-like) components.
Gooey(gel-like) components have an effect on protection by viruses and dryness and self-cure power.

Function of fucoidan


Fucoidan has cell activator effect and also restraining function of oxidative decomposition of hyaluronic
acid. It also has inhibiting function of endothelin action
which causes melanin pigment generation. Moreover, it has anti-allergy & anti-inflammatory effects which
are gentle to the skin.
The other effects are blood circulatory improving action, anticancer action, antimetastatic action and
immune system improving action. Fucoidan’s various effects have been reported by each research
institute : physiological effect for lifestyle disease prevention is particularly revealed.

◆Cell activator   ◆Skin water-retention / Moisture-retaining preservation
◆Skin elasticity retention ◆Anti-allergy / Anti-inflammatory

Efficacy of Fucoidan

Function of immunity activation

Fucoidan preserves immunity activation functioning. It has health-promoting benefits for humans, in
another words, it recuperates and gains self-cure power. It is also understood that it has a benefit of
prevention & improvement for allergy symptom and life-related disease.
Fucoidan is delivered to the whole body through the blood from the intestine surface cell. The unabsorbed
Fucoidan then strengthens the immune system by stimulating ‘gut immunity’ as it passes through the small
The lymphocytes in the bloodstream play a central role of the immunity which guards his body. It is called
‘gut immunity’ as they exist the most in the large and small intestine. Fucoidan stimulates the cells which
produce antibodies against foreign substances, and helps the normal functioning of immune system to
convey the immunological information to all over his body through the lymphocytes.

Tumor cell apoptosis inducer

Cells die naturally in accordance with the intracellular
preformative program in order to maintain individual organism in a better condition; this is called apoptosis. Tadpole tale regression, for instance, is one example of apoptosis.
Apoptosis also prevents tumor cells and virus-infected cells from growing. However, if there is once abnormality in the control, tumor cell grows proliferously.
It has been said that fucoidan has effect on inducing tumor cell. A recent studies show that fucoxanthin, which is characteristically contained in brown algae, has an apoptosis-inducing activity.

Mucosal protective effect & decreasing pylori

Fucoidan has a role to protect mucosa in the body. Sulfate group which is a principle of Fucoidan gruel stimulates stomach mucosa and activate its function. Fucoidan decreases pylori as well.

Reduce blood pressure & serum triglyceride

Fucoidan reduces blood pressure & serum triglyceride, and maintains to bring more blood flow and to stay in a youthful blood vessel. It activates riboproteinlipase which is a degrading enzyme of neutral fat, and have effect on decreasing bad cholesterol. Normal blood prevents occurrence of a life-related disease such as arteriosclerosis, hyperlipemia and diabetes.

Moisturizing skin with natural veiled moisture

A moving commentary has raised from staff who are in the process of washing Mozuku, that is, their skin of the hands has being moisturized and smooth-textured. As water retention ability is quite high, it cannot be dried up at low tide. Fucoidan makes the skin coated with a moisturizing and protective film, and protects the skin from stimulating factors such as dryness & allergic substance. It is effective to condition the skin by keeping elastic component from deteriorating, moreover, it has curative properties against damaged skin.

Making energetic body

Brown algae, which is raw material of fucoidan, guards by itself with surface gel-like component and has antioxidant properties. Antioxidative potency in the body declines with advancing age, so that the body gets irresistible against active oxygene Excess active oxygene makes accelerated senescence in the body. Antioxidant properties of fucoidan support to make your body with youthful energy..

Power of Fucoidan under the sea / on land
--- Under the Sea ---

Mucosal protective effect & decreasing pylori

It protects stem and leaf of seaweeds by external stimuli(rubbing & collision) such as tide
and sand. It prevents invasion of viruses from damaged tissues.


It penetrates the damaged tissues and gets it back to normal.


It has a strong binding(affinity) with each cell, therefore, it efficiently elicits antioxidative
potency and immunity of each cell as intercellular adhesive element.

--- On Land ---


It gives the protection against damage caused by radical oxygen of solar heat or UV ray.

Moisture retention

It prevents water evaporation of cell interior and the skin from dryness, when it becomes exposed from
seawater on the ebb.

Selection criteria

Content of fucoidan

Content of fucoidan becomes an indicator as you choose one fucoidan product among others.

Ratio of sulfate group

We recommend you to purchase fucoidan product with declared sulfate group.