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Fucoidan Q&A
Q1. What is Fucoidan ?

A:Tonga is one of the oldest kingdoms and faces geographically the earliest sunrise in the world. Tonga is nicknamed ‘friendly islands’ by Captain Cook who was accorded with a Tongan congenial reception, and was also said as a model of Gulliver’s Travels’ ‘Country of Giants’. In general, people are strongly built.

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  • ・About Fucoidan …General information, effect and potency are explained.
  • ・Features of Tongan Fucoidan …Characteristics of Fucoidan originated by Tonagan Mozuku
Q2. Is there any difference of Fucoidan among species?

A: There is no major difference among species as to effect. The important thing is that 12%~20% of sulfate group should not be removed in the process of extracting. The term ‘sulfate group’ here is a vitriolic base, which is regarded as powerful medicine when it presents as a simple substance. However it is referred as sulfate group in the state of bonding with organic substance. According to our study, over 13% of sulfate group bonding retains sufficient Fucoidan function.

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  • ・Conditions to achieve functions
  • ・Selection criteria …We illustrate the right selection criteria.
Q3. Is it effective by eating Mozuku only ?

A:It is, needless to say, effective. However, you would have to keep eating a large amount of Mozuku if you wish to aim for prevention of disease or disease treatment by Fucoidan intake. It leads to nutrition imbalance or excess intake of salt content. Unfortunately, even by eating such an amount would result in only a very small amount of Fucoidan being absorbed by the body because the body does not possess enzymes needed to resolve it. In general, it is described as effective to take Fucoidan from healthy food.

Q4. What is apoptosis which has good effect on cancer treatment ?

A: Cells die naturally in accordance with the intracellular preformative program in order to maintain individual organism in a better condition; this is called apoptosis. Tadpole tale regression, for instance, is one example of apoptosis.  Apoptosis is a cellular self-destruction, which is also called a programmed cell death. Apoptosis also prevents tumor cells and virus-infected cells from growing. However, if there is once abnormality in the control, tumor cell grows proliferously. A tumor cell dies naturally if apoptosis can be provoked. Apoptosis inducer for tumor cell is considered as a potent potential antitumor agent : various research has been advanced during recent years.

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  • ・Tumor cell apoptosis inducer …Natural death followed by program is called apoptosis.
Q5. Does Fucoidan have an apoptotic action ?

A: The publicity tends to be spread out that Fucoidan could have apoptosis-inducing action these days. However it is a big mistake. Fucoidan has no apoptosis-inducing action in itself, while Mozuku possess substance which induces apoptosis. The current research has being advanced. We would be ready to present the findings of a study as it becomes completion.

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  • ・Tumor cell apoptosis inducer …Natural death followed by program is called apoptosis.