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Characteristics of Fucoidan originated by Tongan Mozuku

About the Kingdom of Tonga


Tonga is one of the oldest kingdoms and faces geographically the earliest sunrise in the world. Tonga is nicknamed ‘friendly islands’ by Captain Cook who was accorded with a Tongan congenial reception, and was also said as a model of Gulliver’s Travels’ ‘Country of Giants’. In general, people are strongly built.


The kingdom of Tonga comprises around 170 coral reefs islands of various sizes in the South Pacific Ocean. It locates at a point where dateline and southern circle intersect. The total surface area is about 750 square kilometers, and has a population 103,000 people. The kingdom is surrounded by waters that are said to be ‘the second deepest in the world’ rising from the Tonga Trench. The oceanic waters around the Kingdom are pollution-free and abundant in high quality minerals. Not a trace of heavy metals, indicating polluted waters, has been detected.

Relations of Tonga and Japan

Tonga is regarded as friendly toward Japan, keeping cordial relations. Tongan people give a favorable response to Japanese people.

Characteristics of Fucoidan originated by Tongan Mozuku

Tongan Mozuku (cladosiphon novae caledonia)

Fucoidan‘s content and composition are varied by species of seaweeds, growing environment and extracting method. Fucoidan’s availability indication is being polymer molecular and high in combining content of sulfate group. Tongan Mozuku is rare species and grown in the South Pacific Ocean which is abundant in minerals. Mozuku is nurtured by the environment of water pollution-free and the beautiful ocean. Moreover, Mozuku produces sufficient Fucoidan by itself in order to survive an ultra violet ray and a powerful ocean current at the same time.


Tongan waters are beautiful and clear indeed. There is the so-called Tonga Trench, which is the depth of 10,000m, the second deepest in the world. Antarctic waters of rich in minerals and unpolluted smash collide with the Tonga Trench. Tongan Mozuku grows by this deep waters. Tongan Mozuku grown under such conditions has a certain characteristic of its high-safety and abundant minerals, although seaweeds accumulate heavy metals such as arsenic or lead in general.

Quality of Fucoidan

Fucoidan is a component that Mozuku secretes by itself. As Mozuku grows in a shallow water, it has a role of moisturizing and water retaining effect to protect from dryness. It has also antioxidant properties to protect from ultra violet ray.

Under the Unforgiving Conditions

◆Fucoidan has coating effect in the waters : it protects stems and leaves by external stimuli such as tide or sand, and also from bacterial invasion through damaged structure.

◆In terms of repairing effect, Fucoidan penetrates into damaged parts and get them back to normal.

◆In regard to bonding effect, Fucoidan is highly bound with each cell. It efficiently elicits antioxidative potency and immunity of each cell as intercellular adhesive element.

Based on these Fucoidan’s role, it proves that Fucoidan contained in Mozuku which was grown in harsher conditions turns to be high-quality.

Rate of Sulfated Fucose

How to take excellent Fucoidan depends on the rate of sulfated Fucose. Fucoidan is composed of a variety of sugars which is connected by monosaccharide (a single sugar). Sulfated Fucose is considered to bring about above -mentioned effect. Fucoidan originated by Tongan Mozuku has high rate of sulfated Fucose, then eventually becomes to be of high quality.