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Japan has been prolonging life expectancy as the world’s top country for longevity in recent years, while lifestyle-related diseases have become a serious social problem related that cancer, heart disease and stroke make up a significant proportion of the cause of death. We produce raw materials of good quality Fucoidan and Fucoxanthin by extracting and manufacturing Tongan natural Mozuku through Japanese original technique and quality control.

Tongan natural Mozuku contains a high proportion of good quality Fucoidan due to no water pollution by marine vessel. Fucoidan fulfills a role to protect Mozuku itself. It is widely acknowledged as its excellent effects such as cell repair action, activator action and antioxidant action. In 1996, it was announced that Fucoidan preserves apoptotic action at cancer society of Japan and Fucoidan has attracted a great deal of attention in the healthy food sector ever since. It has been becoming a 10-billions-JPY-a-year industry.

We are pleased to offer Fucoidan raw materials, which we think is `Gift from the Sea’, by wholesale price for professional use. It is our sincere wish to contribute the upgrading of QOL and the realization of vital local communities in which people are sound in mind and body.

Aren’t you looking for raw materials of health foods and cosmetics ?

We process and offer Fucoidan
which is a hot material for health
through our original technique.

We are offering many companies Fucoidan with a firm reliability and continue to develop various efforts as a Fucoidan pioneer.

Fucoidan Products

  • AHFucoidan
  • SeaFucoidanDX
  • Limuveil
  • Elmar
  • Fuerudan
  • AminoFucoidan

Reliability for‘Made-in-Japan’

We, MYM International, offer Fucoidan products by extracting and manufacturing a high-quality and safe Fucoidan through our original technique which has been cultivated throughout many years of research. You can rely on our trusted Japanese-made products under the strict management system.